Thursday, September 13, 2012

Multi-tasking, multi-tasking

As I drove into work this morning I thought about how crazy I am making myself right now. On my commute I was taking pictures for two of my blogs, plus reviewing in my head some of what I had been reading in "Writer with a Day Job". Suddenly I realized that I was also writing my novel while I was doing these things, and driving, and thinking about what my work day was going to be like and and and and and.....

Let's break this down:

1. I'm working my job
2. I'm a mother to my kid, and will spend time with her after work
3. I'm a wife, and will see my husband at lunchtime hopefully & later when he gets out of work
4. I'm writing and taking photos (and posting them for this blog)- Umass Construction/Deconstruction, writing, family, and politics are some of the topics. I've been quiet on the politics but it's coming soon. November is approaching after all!
5. I'm taking photos for my "View From Lake Wyola" blog
6. I'm working on my Al-Anon blog which isn't getting as much attention, and trying to keep my sanity. I have some stuff going on at my daughter's school that I really need to be applying some 12-step stuff too. I just haven't figured out how to fit it all together yet.
7. I'm blogging at SparkPeople
8. I'm keeping a "writer's journal" for myself where I make notes about the writing I have in process
9. I'm posting on Facebook of course, and occasionally I find things that I know will interest my friends (like the 2 Eric Church trucks I saw yesterday)
10. I'm keeping up with Twitter sporadically
11. I'm actually writing my novel, and other pieces of writing as they come to me.
12. I'm reading the "Writer with a Day Job" book, and I have another writer-related book ready to read.
13. I have research to do regarding my novel that needs to get done.
14. Of course friends, family, activities, and life
15. Trying to exercise and lose weight and stay healthy.

Now why is it that I thought of #15 last? Shouldn't that have been closer to the top. Small wonder I overate yesterday.

And yes, I'm going to cheat here and repost this blog in at least one other place, maybe 2.

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