Friday, September 28, 2012

Trying to find Renee Mees regarding Leffelaar

Renee posted a comment to one of the posts here. Another reader here, Jack, has the information Renee is looking for. Unfortunately Renee posted anonymously and did not give any way to contact. I don't know if Renee now has a different last name or if Mees is still her last name. Renee is from the Netherlands, that much I know.  I am posting this in hopes that Renee or someone who knows Renee will see this and provide an email address that I can pass on to Jack. Renee's and Jack's comments are in the comment area, below the post that Renee responded to in the first place.

I hope by posting this I can somehow unite Renee and Jack. Jack is an excellent researcher and has the information Renee is looking for.

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