Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Politics- gun control

I know gun control and the 2nd amendment is not a subject that my friend here agree on, and I'm not looking to start a debate. I wrote this as a Facebook status and I'm copying it here. Yesterday my husband had Active Threat training at work (I did it a long time ago). Today my daughter is going to have her 2nd Lockdown Drill at school. Obama is talking about using an Executive Order to take guns away from people who have proven they are law-abiding citizens and have gone through extensive background checks in order to have their gun permits. Personally, I do not feel very safe right now. Criminals do not care about laws. If Obama and the rest of you get what you want, then I am pretty much a dead woman because if anyone breaks into my little house out here in the woods then there won't be anything stopping a thief from becoming a murderer. At least now with my husband having a gun permit and a decent sized brain, we'd have a chance. I'm having lots of nightmares about what our future looks like in this country, and I worry for my daughter and the generations to come.

Barack Obama
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