Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick update on my novel- NaNoWriMo project

Some of you may recall that back in November I was working on a novel. I have never actually attempted something this long before. I was very proud to reach my goal of 50,000 words that month. However, a novel is longer than that, and really I am not even sure if that is the halfway mark.

Well the folks over at have something called "Camp NaNoWriMo" for April where participants do a scaled down version. You can set your word count goal to be whatever you want. I've set mine low- 10,000 because that is more than I have managed to write during December, January, February, and March combined. I'm still working on the November project, and the last I checked I'm only on page 114 of this thing. I've got some new ideas though so I am hoping to make some more progress.

Sadly, although I asked for and got the Dragon Speaking software for my birthday, I haven't actually had time to learn how to use it so I'm still plugging away the old fashioned way- jotting down notes when I have time, and plugging things into my very large Google Doc when I'm ready. Like before, I actually have two files going. One is the actual novel, and the other is the notes and pieces. Sometimes I can actually copy and paste directly from the notes file into the novel, but mostly it's a place to jot down a quick idea or a link to a website for more ideas, and then follow up on those things later.

Anyway, "Whispering Hills" is still a work in progress, but hopefully in the midst of insanity that April is for me, I will make progress. Not expecting to complete it this month, although who knows? Anything could happen!

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