Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Construction update- South College- trees cut

I was very sad to come onto campus Monday morning and see a gapping hole where trees used to be. Not only evergreens gone but a beautiful apple tree that I adored is gone as well. Unfortunately when I was taking photos for my previous post I didn't focus on this side of the building. I hadn't realized the future was going to be so dim for these trees so I don't have a good before and after to show you. I only have the after. To the left is South College and to the right is Thompson.

You will also notice that the windows are still out in South College as well. All in all the building is pretty much just a brick shell. The inside has been gutted completely. I hope to go up in the tower of the library later today and get some views looking down on the whole construction site so that I can show you the full scope of this project.

For more information about this project here is a link to the official UMass construction information- http://www.umass.edu/fp/ccip/

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