Thursday, January 21, 2016

Counting down to ..... Lego trains!

After many, many visits to Lego stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida and a couple of trips to Legoland Florida and at least two Legoland Discovery Centers we finally took the hint. At a free Lego event held at the Yankee Candle home store in South Deerfield in August we met a guy named Andy. Andy was an adult who liked Legos. He told us about NELUG. NELUG is the New England Lego Users Group. Someone in our family needed to join this group.

My husband has lots of hobbies and interests. Among them he is a member of a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) group, a member of a dice-and-paper-game group that meets weekly, and a member of at least one amateur ham radio club. He has other memberships as well. Suffice it to say his social life is busy!

My hobbies and interests have mostly fallen along the lines of reading and writing. We met at a LARP event and I've done dice-and-paper games in the past, but I consider myself to be mostly retired from those activities due to parenthood and old age. At my husband's urging, it fell to me to  join the Lego group.

 Without a membership I couldn't see much of NELUG's website so I put off joining. After talking to store managers and watching the Lego sets pile up I finally decided to join the group just before Christmas. I paid my dues for 2016 before the new year started.

I started researching Lego events, websites, Flickr, seeing what cool MOCs are out there, and more. I also continued to build with Legos of course.

It's been about 5 weeks now, maybe 6. I've started to add a few people from the group to my Facebook friends list. I've been active in the NELUG forums online. Next week, one week from today, if everything goes as planned I'll actually meet some of the members in person, besides Andy of course.

The Amherst Railway Society is responsible for putting on this HUGE show at the Big E. NELUG has a booth. Yay NELUG! Luckily for me it's near the clinic area so I should be able to find it because the floor plan for this event covers four buildings!

Here's the website to the show--

Here's the website for NELUG-

So now I'm counting down for the setup to start, and I'm watching the weather too. I'll have my daughter in tow with me on Thursday. I hope she cooperates on this new adventure. I think it will be fun for us all.

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