Monday, January 11, 2016

Imitation Lego- Kazi Building Block City Bus Motorbus Gas Station #85014

Is Lego really that awesome? What about the OTHER building toys that are out there? I decided to try and find out. I asked my husband to get me the Kazi bus for Christmas and he did.

Upon opening the package we noticed that the seller had not included the box. Also, none of the minifigures were included. Bummer. I found the stickers hidden in the instruction manual so that was good. The bags were all sealed so we thought we had all the pieces but when we were done we had a bag of leftover pieces and no people figures so I'm not sure what happened.

I didn't take pictures of the instructions but I noticed right away that they were different than Lego. They didn't tell up front what pieces were going to be used on each step for one thing. For another thing the perspective was different. I stumbled through trying really hard to figure it out. The building bricks themselves resembled Legos, but they were harder to put together. They had a different feel to them. Legos are definitely superior. Finally I gave up. I couldn't figure out where the bus seats were supposed to go, and I was just digging in deeper and deeper into frustration. In short, I wasn't having FUN.

I handed it over to my husband. He got the job done and then I took some pictures.

The instruction book

 Bus stop
 Gas station
 I guess this one came out blurry. Bummer.
The back of the bus
 Opened the roof and looked inside...
 Another blurry picture with the bus door open...

So enough of that! I'd still like to experiment with a Playmobil set sometime too. I think the results of that might be better. Definitely proved that Lego is a superior product though.

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