Tuesday, March 8, 2016

UMass Campus Construction Projects

A visit up to Health Services this morning lended itself to bringing the camera along. I'm pretty excited about the new building going up near the Studio Arts  building. It's a new $52 million Design Building. They are using special wood and lots of energy efficient building techniques. When it's completed in 2017 it will bring together Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning, the Department of Architecture, and the Building and Construction Technology Program. These entities are all in different colleges so the new building will be promoting interdisciplinary studies.  (See article "Timber" UMass Amherst, Spring 2016 issue).  I say I'm excited because if they can keep my tuition waiver in my contract for another 10 years or so maybe my daughter will get to take classes in this building. She seems to have an interest in art and design and architecture so this could be her future classroom building.

Of course another "landmark of campus" is our duck pond and the geese were having breakfast, as usual.

Ah...almost forgot, this is looking over at the new classroom building next to the campus center. I haven't been inside it yet but I've heard it's very high-tech.

I cannot even imagine the horror of putting a foot in here, much less swim. I know they dredge it in the summer but it must contain huge amounts of water fowl poop, not to mention snapping turtles that eat baby ducks, catfish, and other things of the deep.

The Old Chapel and South College are both being "renovated". With South College it's been very extensive. There was only a shell there for a while. The new building is much, much larger than the old one. I also got some shots of the library, because nothing is more of a landmark than the library, right?

Chapel with missing windows...
 View of the library

 Another shot of the chapel with South College next to it

Chapel, library, geese..

Almost forgot about these projects. Morrill is getting renovated and the new Sciences building rises behind it in this photo....

Chapel up close..

And closer...

South College... notice on the left, the new building addition. It goes on and on...

...and on.... almost down to Dickinson Hall and the new band building.

Cement mixers in the South College renovation zone.

A close up of the front of South College, with Thompson Tower on the right.

There you go. It's not the view from above, but it's something. Lots going on as always.

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