Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lego Super Heroes and Lego promo item pictures

Picked up a few things last weekend and I'm slowly getting them together. While the Disney castle looks awesome it's a bit more than wallet can afford so we have to settle for the smaller items in life.

First up, the promo item, a double-decker bus that is too small for minifigures but it's cute nonetheless.

After that, we've got a DC Comics Super Heroes set. I like Harley Quinn especially and that's why I got this set. Usually I leave the Super Heroes sets for my husband to collect but recently I've made a few exceptions. Likewise I usually leave the Elves, Friends, and Princesses to my daughter but I've picked up a few of those as well. I still have the Elves mine set to put together. Maybe I'll get to it this coming weekend.

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