Monday, June 9, 2008

Drama with my momma continues

Talked to my mother last week. She is trying to avoid being evicted from her apartment. She might lose her section 8 housing because of the felony charges that she was charged with a couple of years ago. She wasn't convicted of the charges though, even though she plead guilty. She was supposed to have a hearing last week, but she got a lawyer and then the housing people got a lawyer and now the hearing is postponed until ???

In the meantime she is scheduled for her 2nd or 3rd angioplasty and shunting procedure for this week. It will happen Tuesday or Wednesday I think, if it goes according to plan.

Then, depending on how she makes out with her Section 8 hearing, she will either be moving to another section 8 apartment at the end of the month, or she will be trying to find some other form of affordable housing. In either case, she'll be moving at the end of the month. Good thing I guess. I think she has worn out her welcome at the place she is now. She seems to do that every couple of years.

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