Friday, July 18, 2008

McDonald's vs. Burger King etc.

Well since the franchise closed most of the Wendy's around here, we really have mostly just 2 choices- Burger King or McDonalds. Sure, there is a Taco Bell here and there, and a Wendy's in Hadley, but there are definitely more McDonald's and Burger Kings around. I know there has been a lot blogged about the competition, so I'll add my blog to the ranks too. So let's see I'm a little fuzzy on the pricing because my husband usually gets stuck paying, but I know they try to be about even. The value menus seem about even in the range of items etc. So where does it break down?
Restrooms- Burger Kings are always gross and dirty, and they don't have diaper decks. McDonald's ones are nicer, cleaner and do have diaper decks. So yay for clean and yay for diaper decks!
Dining Rooms- I generally think that the ones at McDonald's ones look cleaner, but it does vary. Both have self-service drink dispensers but some places stock them better than others. In Greenfield, MA the Burger King is in definite need of an upgrade all around, and maybe now that they have taken the play structure out, they will start.
Food- I like Burger King better, but you know it probably has more calories. I need to research this a little. A Quarter Pounder is not as filling as a Whooper or a Stackhouse Burger or whatever it is. Plus I like BK's option of onion rings, another plus for me. On the other hand, McDonald's has yogurt parfaits which are yummy, and better chicken sandwiches. I think McDs burgers and breakfast sandwiches are more salty than BKs. I like McDs coffee better though, and my husband likes their sweet tea.
Kid's food- McDonald's apples are cheaper than the new apples at BK, and I usually like the toys at McDs better too. My daughter seems to prefer the McDs hamburgers over the BK ones for some reason, not sure why.
And our latest bonus category is the play spaces. Between the diaper decks, better toys, and the play spaces, McDs seems more kid-friendly overall. If only they could improve the food for the adults, we'd all be happy.

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  1. Reading this reminds me of considerations I might have had a couple of decades+ ago. When I first started reading, my initial thought was that I used to prefer BK's burger over Mac's. It's been awhile since I've had burger, either fast food or otherwise. I think I'd still choose BK. Your post reminds me of considerations I might have when Maddie is old enough for such adventures with me.