Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP?

Well I'm not sure what to say on this one. I'm not sure what the Geeks and Nerds think of her. I know she is a member of the NRA, so that will sit well with my DH. However she's pro-life and against gay rights I think, which is typical of Republicans but it doesn't sit well with me. Since she's a governor and not a Senator, she doesn't have the voting record that Obama, Hillary, Biden, and McCain have regarding the Patriot bill and Net Neutrality and everything. She's pretty and smart. Has 5 kids, including a son about to got Iraq and another kid with Down's. Plus I think she is married to a Native American Eskimo or something. I'm sure she will be popular, just as Obama is. Still, when it comes to the ISSUES, I don't think she is going to have my vote. I think she is a good pick for McCain, especially since there are a lot of bitter Hillary supporters out there, but I don't think she's someone I want to support.
Between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin though, I think this might give McCain some new popularity though. Her inexperience could go for or against them. We'll see in November I guess. Very interesting choice on McCain's part, definitely a better move than choosing Romney would have been. Glad Romney didn't get it, just like I'm glad Hillary didn't get it.

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  1. I was going back and forth between Obama and McCain. Each has assets and deficits as far as the qualities that I am looking for in our next President. With MCain's choice of Palin, he ended my indecision. I absolutely do not want to see this woman become President. Since her nomination and the popularity for the McCain candidacy that has been generated among the Republican "base" because of it, I've had the feeling that I'm watching one of those flicks in which an attractive unknown woman achieves a position of previously unimagined power. I have in mind the actress who would play the part, but can't think of her name right now. I'll end up voting for Obama. Since I live in an intensely blue state, my vote won't change things one way or another. There may be a third party candidate out there who I'd really find more preferable, but I want to vote for someone who can possibly win.