Monday, September 29, 2008

Overdue for some updates!

Well we had our big Disney trip, and I need to post a trip report about that. That was a great week! Florida was HOT and humid, but doing the Disney parks was lots of fun.

Then we came home, and our daycare provider told us he was going out of business. We were quite surprised as we thought he'd be watching Abby at least through Christmas. We did some juggling and some interviews and visits etc, and quickly found Abby a new place to play. A woman named Michelle will be watching her now. She's got a great big yard, and is really cool about doing crafts and stuff with the kids. Abby's not sure about Michelle's cooking or choice of snacks though, so I'm sending a few goodies from home to help out. Anyway, it was an unexpected transition for us, but we are getting through it. We will miss our old daycare provider a lot though. We hired him before Abby was even born, and were hoping he'd be around until Abby started Kindergarten. Oh well. I'm still in shock that he quit and moved on with his life so suddenly. It just doesn't seem real somehow.

My DH refused to celebrate his birthday recently too. And now we've got a Fall Festival and Columbus Day to look forward to soon. Summer really feels like it is over now.

Anyway, I want to get that trip report done real soon. So be looking for that.

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