Friday, March 20, 2009

Abby's first trip to the dentist

I took Abby to the dentist this morning. We had talked about it beforehand, said there would be a special chair and toys in the waiting room etc. My husband couldn't go but I knew we'd be okay. We dropped him off at work, and headed on our way.

In the waiting room Abby was fine, she played with the Legos while I did the paperwork and then too quickly it was our turn to go in. She immediately got shy and wanted nothing to do with the hygienist. The hygienist was very patient and tried to show Abby her kangaroo and all her tools etc. The hygienist watered her plants from across the room with the dental water thing but Abby was not impressed. We rode on the chair, and Abby still did not really relax. Then the hygienist counted my teeth while she watched and she smiled at that. So that was okay, but we had another struggle when we tried to count hers. When the dentist came in the room she freaked. So he just said "hi" and "bye" and that was it. Not sure if we got an accurate count on her teeth because Abby didn't really open her mouth very wide. Getting her to show her teeth so we could see if she has an overbite or whatever was nearly impossible. All we really did was see that she does brush her teeth, count them, and see that her teeth are coming in fine. I got a prescription for fluoride drops for her, and she got a small red ball as a reward. The hygienist said come back in 6 months and try to prepare her better for the next visit. So we go back in September, and hope it goes better. I go back in June myself. I might bring her with me for that one. We'll see.
Of course when I brought her to school afterward she was bragging to her friends and teachers about her trip. Too funny!


  1. I have 2 cats. I've brushed the teeth of one of them. I can't imagine ever trying to do it with the other. In a way Abby's dental visit reminds me of this. I hope you don't mind me comparing my experience with my kitties with your experience with Abby.

  2. I don't mind the comparison at all Arlene. I'm just grateful that someone is actually reading my blog!

  3. Sean wasn't to thrilled the first time we went either. It took a lot of work. Basically I held him and laid him down on my lap and they counted his teeth and tried to clean them. Hopefully we will both have better visits next time.