Friday, April 3, 2009

Abby's birthday plans

Abby is battling a cold, and might have been exposed to a stomach bug that's going around so fingers crossed that she doesn't get TOO sick to enjoy the plans we've made for her 3rd birthday.

Saturday, tomorrow, we'll be going to an Art Show in Leverett where Abby's art work will be featured, along with her classmates'. It's a fundraiser for the Hampshire Franklin Day Care Center. I made some cupcakes for the event and dropped them off this morning. This is the 2nd annual event for this thing, and we have never gone before so should be fun and interesting. Hopefully we'll get there near 10am, and then we'll have to leave no later than noon.

At 12:30pm on Saturday we'll be meeting my dad (Grandpa), his friend and her granddaughter, as well as another family who have a 7 year old boy. We'll have lunch at Pete's Seafood in Greenfield, and we will bring a cake (and maybe ice cream if we have time to grab any at the last minute). Should be fun!

We'll take a break in the birthday festivities until next Thursday, her actual birthday. On that day we'll bring some cupcakes to preschool as an after-lunch treat. I also plan to surprise her with a visit and bring balloons and stickers and some other stuff. I won't stay the whole day though. I'll leave when it's naptime I hope.

Then Thursday night we'll either dine out, or dine at home, just the 3 of us probably. We'll have cake for dessert, and Abby might get a couple of gifts. We haven't really bought anything yet though except a few arts and crafts supplies so it won't be anything major.

We'll wait until Monday, April 13th to do the doctors office and shots things.

On April 19th-20th, not because of her birthday but just because... we'll tell her it's for her birthday anyway... we're going to go to Kittery, ME to do a little outlet shopping, then stay in a hotel in Portsmouth, NH for the night and then meet our friends in Boston (crazy as this plan is) and go to the New England Aquarium on Monday. I say crazy because it's the same day as the Boston Marathon, but our friends were pretty locked into the date so we'll do our best with the traffic etc. The aquarium should be a lot of fun. I think Abby will like it a lot.

And that's it!! Happy Almost birthday Abby!!

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