Wednesday, April 8, 2009

combining topics - oh no!

Just to quickly get some of those things off my list, I'm going to combine topics. I know in the blogging world you aren't supposed to, but I'm not sure why I put all this stuff on my list to post about to begin with. So while the computers are being slow, I'll try to get some of them out of the way here.

3. To Write or Not to write? I posed this question in my writing class yesterday. Most of those in the class say if you can write, do it. Even though we all have a story, the world needs more stories. Others, if you read book reviews etc, will say there are too many people writing and publishing, too much JUNK is out there. It is easier than ever to get published, start a blog, etc. I'm still on the fence, but I guess I am still writing. Don't know if I am any good at it or not, or if I am improving, but I guess I am still practicing, for better or worse.

Skipping to #6... We are all fighting being sick right now. I was feeling better, then Abby came down with a sniffle, but it's just a sniffle. My husband isn't feeling well, but he's fighting it whatever it is. I'm starting to feel not great, but I'm last in the line as usual. Hopefully we can all keep fighting these annoyances and none of us will get really sick. We've got a few things planned in the coming weeks, I'd hate to have to cancel any of them.

7. Yes, I am behind on reading blogs. I'm sorry Arlene, and the others. I really do try. Just been busy.

5. blah, blah, blah... yeup. Busy. Busy with work, busy with the kid, busy with... not sleeping, just busy.

9. Not going to say much about library or work I suppose. Not sure why I put that here to begin with. Changes are coming, and coming soon. Not sure how they will morph yet and I'm a little nervous but I hope to survive it all, somehow. Job isn't going to be like it was though, and I'm not sure if I'm going to like it as much, but we'll see. Maybe it will get better instead of worse. Just have to hang in there and see I guess.

Guess that almost covers it. I have one more thing on that 10 point list, #4, and that will be a separate post. Just have to dig out the poem that I'm thinking of. I'm sure I can find it on the internet somewhere.

If you got this far, thanks for putting up with me and all my ramblings.

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