Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Skipping to #10, my AW for Abby

Abby did 2 wonderful things recently. First of all on Thursday we went to the local public library after school/work. We've been there a few times before, but this time Abby walked in, saw the computer (desktop) and said "I know how to use this! I use this at school." She sat down, put her hand on the mouse, and found a program to use. She found some kid's thing and happily clicked away for a long time. My husband and I helped her a little when she got stuck, but she did it mostly herself. Yay Abby! Using a computer already. Can you tell her dad's a computer geek? We only have laptops and netbook stuff at home so she really hasn't seen a desktop computer much except at school etc.

I was really happy about that, and then on Sunday she did something equally great. You might have to know Abby to appreciate this, but Abby pet a dog. Yes, that's right folks, Abby touched a dog and was happy about it. She and her daddy were in downtown Northampton on Sunday walking around, and she saw a cute little white dog. She liked it immediately. Then we saw it again, and she said "Please mommy, please daddy, can I ask the doggy's mommy if I can pet it?" Of course everyone said yes and she very gently pet its back and then ran back to daddy. Then she did it a couple of more times. She finally got shy when some other people got near us on the sidewalk. Way to go Abby! Overcoming her fear of animals. (For those who don't know, Abby had some close encounters with dogs when she was a baby that have made her fearful of them. Plus we often have unrestrained dogs in our neighborhood that try to come into our yard and our driveway, or harass us when we go for walks.)

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