Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The joys of living with a 3 year old

Well that was an eventful 3-day weekend! We really had no plans, and we weren't very sociable. Abby had been tired all week before the weekend, and she's been fighting some sort of illness for a while as we've been changing her asthma medication around. So to be on the safe side, we left the calendar as empty as possible. On Saturday she didn't want to go to the grocery store with me, so my husband put her in the stroller and they went for a walk. She got him to walk about 2 miles before she let him turn around, somewhere in Wendell, and come home. Even though he was the one doing the walking, she finally did take a nap later in the afternoon. She didn't wake up for much of the evening either. Pretty tired kid all day.

Sunday she wouldn't nap at all, and then she was disappointed that I hadn't bought carrots at the grocery store, so we went out later in the afternoon to go to the library, and to the grocery store. She vomited in the grocery store. Guess she really was sick. Maybe it was something she ate. We also managed to do a walk down to the state beach that day too. No nap Sunday, and she stayed up until 10pm. Go figure. One day she's exhausted, and the next day she won't sleep.

Monday it seemed like she was feeling better, and more like her normal self. We went to Northampton, finally getting out of the house around noon. Had lunch at Taipei & Tokyo - best lo mein she's ever had! Great food, and it was quiet and uncrowded by the time we got there. Walked around Main Street for a bit, and got a lollipop or 2 at Sweetie's, but didn't buy anything at Faces. Came back to the car, and decided to go to Hadley. The kid says "We haven't been to Target in a LOONG time..." LOL! So we go to Target, get some clothes for her- shorts and nightgowns. She insists we spend $2.50 on a big red bouncy ball too. I also managed to get some washer fluid for the car, which we needed. We got out to the car, and the husband decides to fill the washer fluid right away, and the run the wipers. Abby thought that was MAGIC!! She was in such awe of it for some reason. This is the same kid who I was screaming at to get her into the car at home because she was stalling so long, and was just in JOY watching the windshield and back window get cleaned. Haha!! Of course by the time we got home she was asleep. We let her sleep in the car.
While she was napping, my husband got the grill going, and then decided to set up the tent. When she woke up and saw the tent she decided that not only were we going to have our picnic inside, but we were going to sleep in it too. We tried to tell her that it was too cold, but her response was "well then you better get more blankets", and she wouldn't even wear her socks or long pants to bed. I know she was cold, but we did what she demanded. We dragged out lots of pillows and blankets, and settled in for the night. She slept better than we did, and we were very surprised to not have to sprint inside at 2am because of a scary noise or something. We actually had to really drag her back into the house when morning came because we had to get ready for work and school etc. She didn't want to leave. I guess we'll be doing some camping this summer!

The hard part too is that she won't use her inhaler medicine so we are back to the nebulizer. That thing is bulky and needs electricity so it will make camping a little tricky. Maybe we can run it off the car battery or something, but I wish she would have switched to the inhaler. Oh well.

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