Friday, May 22, 2009

Who is here today?

I'm really wondering who these people are in the Learning Commons at the UMass library today. I figured the place would be completely empty, but I still see people studying at the tables, and a few on the computers. I wonder what the story is with the guy with gray hair and a mustache who really does look like he's studying. He is here every day, and not at the computers, but at one of the study tables. He must have a story of some sort. Maybe he's rich and going to school for the fun of it, or maybe he's unemployed and studying for a new job or something. Dedicated guy, that's for sure. I figure a few of these people are bloggers and locals who just need some air conditioning and a place to hang out, and I do recognize one guy, but what are these students doing here? Graduation is this weekend, finals are over. It's a beautiful day outside, get out!!

If you are one of them, and happen to see this, leave a comment or something. Let me know you're here.

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