Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling old...

Well my 20th high school reunion is this weekend, and I stepped on the scales last night and just about cried. Then I thought "well maybe I can get down to my high school weight by the time I turn 40..." That was a great thought! I started to think "How many calories do I need to cut? How much walking do I need to do? I'm sure I can find something on the internet to help me figure this out..." And then I figured out how soon it was until I turn 40! No way can I lose the weight by then! 40 is just around the corner, sooner than I thought. Heck, my husband is already there, as he keeps reminding me. SO I'm going to shelve the plan of losing X pounds by then. Sure I can try to eat better, exercise more, etc. but I'm not going to hold it over my head that I need to be at my high school weight by then because I know it's just not going to happen, and with I'm going I'll probably be heavier by then, not lighter.

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