Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting old! 20th High School Reunion is coming!

Well I just looked at the calendar and realized that my 20th High School Reunion is next weekend. A quick look at the website leads me to think that there will be about 40 or 50 classmates there, plus spouses I suppose. Not a bad party, but I think I'll skip it. My jeans and t-shirt wardrobe really isn't up to par for visiting with people who I haven't seen since graduation. Oddly enough though, I really haven't moved too far. I'll be within walking distance of the high school tomorrow when I get the oil change done on the Element. I occasionally see some of my classmates when I'm out shopping or walking around campus or whatever. A lot of us are still local and many of my classmates are on Facebook. Some have "friended" me, others not so interested maybe. In any case, I'm local and findable, and skipping the reunion I think. I did spend a few minutes on the reunion website and was pleased to see I wasn't the only one who waited until after the age of 30 to have a kid. Well I knew I wasn't the ONLY one, but I was surprised at how many there were... and a few had twins too! Cool!
I'm still here, I still look the same... well plus 50 pounds, and my hair is a little longer, but still wearing glasses and acne, and jeans. So if anyone from Greenfield High School (MA) sees this, and wants to say "HI" and all that... leave a comment. I hope a lot of you do support Stephen Oates at the Red Door Friday night, and go to the Country Club with Tim Farrell and the others on Saturday.

I'll be out with my dad maybe in one of the hilltowns, or up by the lake relaxing at home.

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