Friday, August 21, 2009

For myself!

I've been a little selfish lately. I've been taking showers at night instead of in the morning because in the morning I'm always rushed, and Abby usually comes into the bathroom to talk to me at least once. I've also found myself sitting on my butt when I could be doing something productive. Lazy, yes. Then again it's 80-90 degrees outside and humid. I'm wiped. On Thursday I did a huge thing for myself. I left work for 2 hours and I went to the mall. I bought shoes, got my haircut, and spent over $100 on clothes just for me. Nothing for Abby. I refused to step foot in Target or Walmart! I wanted good stuff. As it turns out the shoes are from Payless and they are a little too big, but I know I won't wear them often. I just wanted something that wasn't sneakers or Tivas. Today, Friday, I did something else for myself. I interviewed at the administration building to ask for an upgrade. I want to keep my same job, I just want more money and more recognition for doing it. Yes that will help my family, but really it will help me. It will feed my ego if this goes through. So yay for me this week! Abby has been all over her daddy this week, and doesn't want much to do with me except an occasional story or bedtime snuggle and I've been fine with that. I've had some space to myself, and I'm not complaining. Sometimes a little "me" is needed and I've definitely made use of it this week.

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