Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tangents- yes I have a few!

Okay, where to start today? My brain is so scattered!

1. I am slowly reading "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott. In a section I read yesterday she talked about school lunches. When one of her students gets stuck, she asks them about school lunches. A simple subject, and yet everyone seems to have a lot to say about them. At first I thought I didn't have much to say on this subject because I didn't eat too many of them in high school. Then I thought about it and realized I could write a whole lot on this after all. I haven't started yet, but it's something to put in the wings for later.

2. Speaking of school lunches, Abby said to me this morning "Put a yogurt and some ketchup and some different foods in my lunch today Mommy." She had the attitude of "Don't screw it up Mom!!!" It was pretty funny. Different foods? Okay, I'll try. I hope chicken was what she wanted, and some rainbow colored goldfish crackers. Of course she got a juice box and strawberries too.

3. I had 2 nightmares last night.
In the first one I was about to jump off this huge metal thing. It was falling apart beneath me, and I was going to try to jump into the water nearby. If I didn't jump, I'd fall to the pavement. Odds are good that either way I was going to die. In the dream I was looking around to make sure my kid and my husband were safe on the ground. I wasn't afraid of the jump, or the consequences.

In the second nightmare there were 3 dying cats in an apartment. They belonged to my mother, but she wasn't there. She was somewhere south, and coming back soon. I went to the apartment to feed the cats, and there was a lot of uneaten cat food on the floor (the wet kind) and there were ants and maggots all over it.

Guess which nightmare woke me up and kept me out of bed for 2 hours? Yeah, the second one. I'm still haunted by it. Gross!!

4. I bought Abby some of that "Crazy Feet" plastic fruit snack stuff. The box showed prints of flowers and some geometric stuff. I figured half would be flowers and half would be the other geometric one. Wrong! Only 1 package out of the 6 had the flowers on it, and I had to open each package to see what the print was. At $3/box the stuff wasn't cheap to begin with. If she doesn't eat the other 5, then that was one expensive fruit snack for the one she did eat. I wrote to Betty Crocker to complain. I doubt they'll do anything.

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