Monday, September 21, 2009

Mundane Monday- Work and school

Right now I'm kind of bored with my job. We don't have a budget still because everyone is worried about Fiscal year 2011. So I'm not being allowed to do much Acquisitions stuff. At the same time, I applied several months ago, for a "reclassification" that would give me a raise. When I do have work, I think I should be getting paid more for it than I am. Sigh. You know what would really help me? I'll tell you.. a 4 year degree. I don't have one. I tried, couldn't figure out what I wanted my major to be, flunked a few math, science, and foreign language classes, and finally got good grades at Community College and got my 2-year degree. I'd like to go back to school but it's tough. Working full-time, kid, husband, only have 1 car...

Right now I have on my desk a form to sign up for a workshop about how to go back to school. I need my supervisor's signature on the form and then I could send it in to sign up. Realistically though, why bother? The odds of me being able to take classes are slim to none. When my daughter gets older I'm going to tell her to stay in school of course, but I'm also going to tell her to get that 4 year degree in something, anything, doesn't matter what. Of course she'll probably rebel against me, drop out, and have a kid when she's 16. God, I hope not. If she does then I guess she'll qualify for a lot of financial aide when she finally realizes I'm right and goes back to school.

A four-year degree would give me access to jobs in a better union. It would make me qualified for jobs that I'm not qualified for now. It's just a piece of paper, but without that piece of paper, I'm on the outside of things looking in.

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