Friday, October 9, 2009

Bonus Post- "The Dragon at the Edge of the World" by Charles White

Often when I come into work I see a gray-haired man sitting at a table writing. Usually he has a cup of coffee with him, and sometimes he has some books that he is taking notes from. Often though he is just there with a notebook and a pen and his coffee. I don't see a laptop or an iPod or anything else. By lunchtime he is gone. I've never said one word to this guy, but I have asked some other staff about him. Finally someone told me who he is. His name is Charles White, and he published a book this summer. He seems to be working on another one. I admire him for being a writer, for coming in every day, and doing his thing. Like I said, I know nothing about him except what I see each day.

Today, Dan P, who works out at desk where the public can actually see him, gave me a link to Charles's book. It's on Amazon, in Kindle form, and on Lulu. You might be able to buy it in some other places too, but mostly it's self-published or published on demand. I'm not sure if the library will ever get a copy even though I suspect it was written here, with research that was done here. It's historical fiction.

If historical fiction is your thing, check out "The Dragon at the Edge of the World". Looks interesting to me. Dan is hoping to get a signed copy for himself. Maybe then I'll get a peek at it. Here's the Lulu link--

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  1. Re. your previous post:

    I hope your week-end was a good one. The Ashfield fest sounds like fun. Walking in apple orchards sounds fragrant. I hope you manage to add in getting your N1R1 :-) (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

    I think fiction writers are gods because they are creators of worlds even if they are historically based.