Friday, October 23, 2009

Family Friday- H1N1 again!

Well Hallelujah! Abby's doctor called last night and they have about 20 of the H1N1 vaccines available so I will be surprising Abby with an early pick up from preschool this afternoon and another flu shot. Poor kid is going to hate me. She has already been saying she didn't want another one since she got the seasonal shot.

Hoping Aaron can get one today too, but not sure if they will have enough. No chance they will have one for me. Oh well.

Not much planned for the weekend. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and Abby is looking forward to her toys. My husband has some shopping he wants to get done so either we'll all go to the Big Mall or Abby and I will stay home while he goes. I guess we'll just be playing it by ear.

We went out last night for Chinese food and then I got gas for the car. Also stopped at the Dollar Store so Abby could get a puppet, and since it's next door to Staples, Aaron ran in there and spent a few bucks too (under $10). All together, mostly dinner and gas, we spent almost $100. Wow!It sure goes fast some days, and it's not even a pay week.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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