Monday, October 26, 2009

Misc. Monday- Family and the weekend and H1N1 vaccine

On Friday we managed to get Abby to the pedi's office for the H1N1 vaccine, only it turns out she has to go back again in a month for a 2nd dose. I hadn't realized that. So I guess it won't be affective until sometime after Thanksgiving. There's a lot of H1N1 going around. I hope she doesn't come down with it before then.

After the shot we took her out to ice cream. She decided she wanted Green ice cream so we went to Friendly's and got pistachio. She picked out all the nuts but enjoyed it otherwise. After that we had some errands to do and didn't get headed home until around 8pm, and then Aaron got called into work. Abby and I waited in the car (she had the dvd player) while he worked. Fortunately it was a quick fix.

Friday night, around 2:30am, the power went out. Woke up Saturday morning and still no power. Finally decided that enough was enough and headed out. Neighbor said something blew up in Wendell. Figures. Tried to get to Montague Book Mill, but needed to detour in North Leverett as someone had hit a tree or something. Discovered roads I didn't know existed, but we finally made it to the book mill. Got a cup of coffee and sat down, only to have Abby throw a tantrum about wanting a hotel room (since there was no power at home). Took her out screaming, got the coffee to go. Power came back at home and the electric company called my cell phone to tell me so. Finally got home Saturday afternoon. I should mention it rained all day Saturday and it was just generally an awful day.

Saturday night, Aaron went out as usual, and power went out again. I called him as fast as I could and he found out that it was going to be a quick fix. By the time he got home a few hours later it was back on again.

Sunday the sun was shining. Decided that Abby was staying home for the day so Aaron and I took turns going out. While I was getting groceries, she napped in his lap. While he was out, I took her for a long wagon ride to the other side of the lake. 2.5 miles later and I am tired and sore today.

Anyway, that's the weekend. Still don't knwo what we are doing for Halloween yet.

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