Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tangent Tuesday- In the neighborhood

We got a notice on our door last night that there is going to be a meeting at the Town Hall this evening. It seems that our neighbor has an unlicensed dog which has caused a lot of grief for us and others as it roams around unleashed and unattended. We've complained numerous times to the dog officer and to the police and have never seen results. My husband will go to the meeting tonight, and I will stay home with the kid. I'm interested to hear what happens.

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  1. Well it turns out my husband was the only neighbor who went to the meeting, other than Mr. B. Nothing was really done. Mr. B claims his dog is licensed in another town. Sounds suspicious. I think he is playing games with his residency status, but I really don't care. They meet again in 2 weeks. I wish this was happening in the summer though. Now that it's fall, it will be harder to prove our case because we aren't outside as much, and we've got rain in the forecast for the weekend so we won't be playing in the yard much.