Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tangent Tuesday- still catching up with stuff

Wow, what a weekend! We're almost done with things. Tonight we will have dinner out again, after Abby's flu shot of course. I'll be picking up some pictures this afternoon too. I dropped them off at CVS this morning so I could get some printed ASAP.

We did manage to do more than I thought we would. Friday night we had dinner at Pete's Seafood in Greenfield. A little girl there liked Abby and came over to our table to meet her and try to be friends. We'll probably never see her again, but it was cute. On Saturday we went to the Ashfield Fall Festival and went to all the tag sales and everything. We skipped the Town Hall and the Grange hall, but we did a pretty good walk around most of the outside stuff, the church, and the library. We left around lunch time and went to Shelburne Falls. Shelburne Falls was busy too for the holiday weekend. Finally found parking and walked across the Bridge of Flowers. Tried to get lunch at the Village Restaurant but it was standing room only. Went down to the Foxtowne Coffee shop and got lunch with pie and ice cream for dessert. Yum!!
On Sunday we headed up to Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain. There are other orchards nearby, but this is the biggest and most advertised. Went on a wagon ride, picked apples (Abby's first time), visited the animals, and bought some small pumpkins. The restaurant was packed so we headed back to Greenfield for Chinese food for lunch.
After a nap in the car, Abby played outside at home and in the neighborhood until dark. The kid has a great imagination. She found a big pile of sand and made a giant slide, a rocket ship that eats candy, and a castle. We also took elevator rides, walked on the sidewalk (imaginary), and went to pretend stores. Lots of fun, and hard to get her back in the house when it got dark.
Since Monday was a holiday we had time for even more fun. In the morning we slept a little late and then did some baking with the apples. We made muffins and cookies in small batches. Then in the afternoon we went to Brattleboro, VT and walked around the stores there- free popcorn at Sam's, and went to the parks too. On the common Abby had fun putting leaves in the water fountain and seeing if they would sink or float. On the walk back down the hill Abby sang songs and made music. Then we had an early dinner at a riverside restaurant and got to watch the Amtrak train go by too. Abby had a blast. Before heading home we walked through the Coop and played a game of I-Spy. She fell asleep in the car since she hadn't napped and missed the deer that we saw in the dark.

Today we'll do her flu shot this afternoon, pick up pictures, and have dinner at Pete's again. Haven't done grocery shopping all weekend so we'll have to pick up some milk and bread on the way home.

I should mention that all of this activity isn't just because it was a great fall weekend, but it was/is also because we've been blessed with a visit from Grandpa Ron. He's been staying with friends since Thursday night, and will be heading out tomorrow morning. I think we've done a good job of wearing him out with all the walking, but hopefully he's had fun watching Abby play and having time to talk with Aaron.

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