Friday, July 9, 2010

How do you sell a song?

I'm not even sure I want to sell it. I just want to hear it recorded.

Many years ago I wrote a poem, and quickly realized it wasn't a poem, but a song. I can hear it in my head. I know how it goes but I can't sing very well, and I certainly can't play drums, keyboard, bass, and guitar. So what do I do? It's an "alternative" song with some rather "strong" words. I'm not sure if it would ever get radio play even if it had a great artist recording it unless some of the lyrics were changed, but you never know.

It needs 2 vocalists I think, a man and a woman. A woman might be able to do the whole thing herself. It definitely needs an "alternative" or "punk" sound to it. I don't think it could go any other way, although I suppose... you never know about that either.

So how do I find that? How do I find someone to write the music for it first of all, and then how do I just do the whole thing? Right now it's just words on paper in a box somewhere and music in my head. Wrote it around 1992-93 I think, and it just won't go away.

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