Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a quick update

I did read 2 books over the past week, but I read them quickly and I'm not going to bother to post about them here. They were both books about writing.
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On the home front we tore out our bathtub on Friday, and my husband spent the weekend tearing the bathroom apart. Meanwhile we checked into the local Econolodge and the child and I enjoyed the pool and pretended to be tourists somewhat. We also rented hubby a nice new truck for the weekend, a beautiful Chevy Silverado with only 4000 miles on it. Home Depot we love you! Tax-free weekends we love you too.

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Unfortunately the bathroom wasn't put back together again by Monday morning. We
checked out of the hotel, returned the truck (so sad to see it go), and I sent the kid off to school and the husband off to his day job. After a visit to the house to confirm that it really wasn't safe for a 4-year old I fired up the old hotel list and found the cheapest deal I could for us. This time it's the Red Roof Inn.

As we did over the weekend, hubby will mostly be at the house (so don't even think about breaking in) while daughter and I are mostly at the hotel. Having only 1 vehicle now though means we'll be more creative in our juggling. Hoping we get home by Friday night, maybe sooner.

I do have a list of fairs and old home days to keep Abby busy on Saturday if need be.
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