Friday, September 3, 2010

Losing weight

My husband has been losing weight all year. He's doing really well at it I think. I've been procrastinating on it. All year I've been saying "I'll start soon...."

I finally gave myself a start date of "when summer is over", and that evolved into September 1st. I found a website that is free, and I guess I like it. I'm using it to track what I eat, and I should be using it to track my exercise. Although honestly I haven't done much exericise during the week.

I have a goal of how many pounds I want to lose by my birthday. I want to lose the weight that I've gained in the past 7 years. Haha. Can I lose 7 years of weight gain in 6 months? I don't know. We'll see I guess.

In the process I've set up another blog so that I don't bore you all here with my weight loss stories. If anyone wants the link, I'll give it to you, but I know there are a lot of weight loss blogs out there and most of them are better than mine will be.

We've got Labor Day weekend coming up, and on another front... the one year anniversary of my grandmother's passing. I've got  a lot of stuff going on in my head at the moment, but I'm trying to KEEP it there instead of letting it all spill out. A lot of it isn't very good.

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