Monday, January 10, 2011

New years goals

I'm sick and I should be asleep but instead I'm awake at 10pm and bored. The sickness is helping in the weight-loss by the way. I'm not exercising very much but I'm not eating either and I think I'll have snow to shovel later this week so that should make up for my laziness today.

So New years goals not in any order--

1. get my freaken upgrade at work! I've been working on this one for years and it darned well better happen in 2011 or there are going to be some serious decisions to be made in this family.

2. Get down to my wedding weight, and maybe even go below that if the doc says it's okay. I've got permission to get that far, not sure how much lower I can go or will want to go. Not sure if I'll even make it. I'm about half-way there now though so I'm hoping. Was originally hoping to get there by March, but realistically I'm giving myself until summer because I think that is when my next check-up will be anyway.

3. Use my time more "wisely" ... hmm? Write more. Message board less. I'm still going to keep Facebook going, but at the risk of losing some (okay a lot!) of friends I'm going to try to spend less time on message boards and more time on writing. I keep letting life get in the way of writing. I keep coming up with excuses not to write and I need to stop doing that. Really! I mean did you know that the internet is full of bloggers who actually WRITE. What do they write about? I don't know. Mostly crapola that they feel like writing about I guess... and wait.. if they can do that, and get readers or followers or whatever.. then WTF am I doing? I should be writing too! I have 2 other blogs besides this one and they both get far more readers than this one does. I need to get off my butt because obviously I can write, and I like to write so I need to do what I like to do! Obvious, I know!

4. Okay... this isn't really a goal this is just life. Our lives are changing. Sweet little girl is going to graduate from preschool this summer. She is going to enter the feared public school system in the fall. Big change for her, and big change for us. We will have to change our work schedules, buy a second vehicle, and adjust our budgets etc... we are looking forward to some of the changes and we are nervous about them too. I will miss my morning and afternoon commutes with my husband. I will have more commuting time by myself, and I think the kid is going to have more one-on-one time with each of us parents. At least that is what I anticipate. So lots of changes there.. and that's not a goal. My goal is to make those changes as positive as possible. Hopefully one outcome will be less debt since the preschool tuition will go away but I know with the added vehicle and other childcare expenses it is still going to be a juggle. Fingers crossed though because we are getting near the end of our rope money-wise. (And I say that every January, but every January it gets a little worse because we are already in debt from the years before).
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