Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We got snow

We live in New England. It snows here. We get "Nor'Easterns" or whatever they call them. So we got one. It started last night and snowed all day today. Everything shut down and the Governor told everyone to stay home. We probably got 16-20 inches of snow so yes, it's a lot. My daughter had never seen so much snow and she is loving it! We went outside for a couple of hours and walked around in the stuff. She made snow angels, ate it, caught it with her tongue, got stuck in the snowbanks, and had a blast. When the weekend comes we'll go sledding and make a snowman. What we didn't get was ice, and for that I am ever so grateful. Our power stayed on and we stayed warm and we enjoyed the day. It was what a snow day should be. Lots of shoveling and a kid having fun. Yay for a normal New England winter snow day!

and yeah the picture here is not of my kid.. it's just something I got from Zemanta....
More about the snow here--

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