Friday, April 22, 2011

Work and family stuff

Well at work I had my review. The write-up was fine and my boss even worked with me to include some details that he had forgotten about. In a meeting with him I told him that I liked my job and wanted to keep doing it. I am committed to the job. However I also want to be paid fairly. He gave me his commitment to trying to get that to happen. So I am staying. I am giving him a chance to see what he can do and I will help him with that however I can.

My daughter finished swimming lessons yesterday. She needs more practice according to her teacher. That means she can't advance to the next level and needs to repeat the class again. Oh well. Guess she has my talent in the water. She doesn't like going under water and needs to get over that. I don't like diving and I have never gotten over that. So we'll see. She's become friends with a girl who is turning 4 years old today and it's fun to see that happening. The mom is nice and I can see some fun happening this summer.

My mom is moving. Loading the truck tomorrow. Still doesn't have anyone to help her when she gets there on Thursday. I am freaking out just a little. My husband knows this. He knew it before I did. I really hope she doesn't end up like this:

Homeless and hungryImage by Ed Yourdon via Flickr
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