Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my cousin died

(I posted this on another blog of mine but felt the need to share it here as well...)

I just lost a cousin to cancer. To be clear we weren't that close. I am a bit younger than he is and we live in different states. Still it is hitting me a bit. He's the first FIRST cousin of mine to go.

He is leaving behind a wife and four children. His youngest was just born in March on my 40th birthday. She is only 2 months old. Why they conceived a child during the time he was fighting his cancer is not my business. I am sure they were filled with hope at the time that he would win the battle.

His father (my uncle) is also battling cancer right now. The last time I saw them both was when my grandmother died in October. I was glad to see that Daryn was at peace, still fighting, but firmly believing that he was in God's hands. He didn't give up the fight. His body did. So today I am thinking of him and all who know him. I know from the emails that have been coming from Daryn and his wife that they had a large support network from family, friends, and members of their church. He will be missed.

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