Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our lives go on... preschool graduation and a trip to Edgartown

Well our lives go on. On Friday my daughter "graduated" from preschool. There were six children graduating this year- 3 girls and 3 boys. It was a fun time! The kids answered questions, the teachers spoke of their favorite memories, and the children got diplomas and gift bags. Then there was a song, some food, and some cake. I tried not to cry but the teachers were crying too so it was tough.  :-)

When it was over we headed to Cape Cod and crossed the Bourne Bridge en route to Woods Hole. A ferry awaited us, and a sweet little inn in Edgartown was expecting us. We got there quite late. I am so glad that we purchased a GPS. It really helped us out on this little adventure. It is pretty hard to read a map or printed directions in the dark.

On Saturday we did our sightseeing in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, and Vineyard Haven. We embraced the tourist spirit for just a few hours anyway. We didn't make it to South Beach or anywhere "up island" but when you travel with a 5 year old you have to make some compromises.

On Sunday we had breakfast and packed up and headed back to the mainland. We stopped in Wrentham for some outlet shopping before coming home for dinner. The weather cooperated nicely.

Monday found us to be pretty wiped out. We let our daughter stay home and rest, and after an energetic start she really did kind of settle down and snuggle and then sleep so I know she needed some down time.

Now we are getting back to normal again, at least until the next adventure comes our way.

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