Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surviving the daycare juggles

So we had a week of normal, and then our daycare provider went on vacation. I'd been able to get a sitter for 4 days- Tuesday-Friday, and my husband and I had worked out who would get out early and do what etc, since the sitter wouldn't work as many hours as our daycare person would.
The plan was for my husband to take Monday off, which he really didn't want to do, but we had no choice. Then he'd get out early 2 days, and I'd get out early 2 days. Under no terms could he take Friday off. He got lucky though, and due to a power failure work was closed for both of us on Monday. That just left us with Tuesday-Friday. With a lot of extra gas being used, we juggled Tuesday-Thursday, and then our sitter canceled Friday on us. That left me to take the day off. No choice but to suck it up, and it will make our September plans interesting because I will be right on the edge of running out of time off for vacation/personal time at work, but we'll figure it out.
Now our daycare provider is back, and rumors about him closing are still floating through the air. We are really hoping that he will at least be in business through January (through the fall semester), but he has lost a lot of customers lately, and I think Abby is the only full time kid signed up for the fall right now. Scary. I don't dare start calling other places yet because I'm not sure if I'm looking for September or January, and I don't want to move her unless I have to. So fingers crossed. We'll never find another daycare as good as the one we have, and we're still a year away from preschool.

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