Tuesday, August 19, 2008

trying to get caught up.. the week he was gone

Well I said I had a lot to write about, and I just haven't had time to do it. The week that my husband gone was a week of constant change. Daycare was supposed to be closed for the week, but then decided to be open. They didn't tell me at that time that the vacation they planned hadn't been canceled, but had been postponed instead. So, I decided to take 2 days off from work to spend with Abby, and then work the rest of the week.
Sunday morning, my husband had an 8:30am flight. We drove to the airport and got there early. My daughter slept in the car for the most part, and I made sure we had the stroller with us. It was her first visit to the airport. DH had to check in and go through security so we didn't have much time to say goodbye, but we made the best of it. Abby and I hung out at the airport until I was pretty sure DH had boarded and was due to take off. We headed back up to Enfield, CT for breakfast and then I got a text message saying DH's flight had been delayed but he couldn't get off the plane. Nothing we could do. DH's trip was in motion and he was at the beginning of what would prove to be a very long day, with 6 extra hours of travel time spent mostly in an airport.
Meanwhile, Abby and I ate breakfast and then headed back toward familiar territory. We stopped at Target and got some art supplies and then went home. We spent the rest of the day napping and doing lots of painting etc.
On Monday, I went to the AAA office and got tickets for 6 Flags and for our upcoming Disney trip. I had heard the rumor that prices would be going up soon for Disney and I wanted to get them while I could. Plus it's hard for me to get to the AAA office when they are open since the local offices aren't open on Saturdays. We also went out for breakfast first. Then we headed up to my father's farm, but since we got there sooner than he was expecting us, he wasn't around. So with Abby quickly falling asleep, I headed back south to Yankee Candle. When she woke up we went inside and explored. I had not been there in years. We ignored Santa pretty much, and as much of the stinky candles as possible, but did spend some time in the toy room before finally buying a Doctor Curious George. After that we had lunch at McDonald's in Northampton, and while I entertained the idea of going to Look Park, I realized we had done enough for one day so we headed home.
On Tuesday it was off to Six Flags, and this is was a good place to think about what was important to me. Six Flags on a Tuesday wasn't TOO crowded, but it was still big and confusing to me, and I had to decide how much to push Abby on to new things, and how much to sit and relax and just let her do her thing. I tried to balance. I didn't let her ride the rides twice, but I did let her spend a lot of time in the play area. We never did see the whole park. I also gave us a long lunch break, and another long break for shaved ice. (When we returned a few weeks later with my husband, we took a long break for shaved ice too). Abby lasted about 4-5 hours before succumbing to exhaustion and falling asleep. So I drove us home, stopping at a drive-thru for something for myself along the way.
Wednesday was back to work, and sort of back to normal. I had to balance her tantrums though with trying to get to work at a reasonable time. The first day, Wednesday, was tough, and I was actually quite a bit late, and had to stay late to make up the time.
During the week I tried to be understanding of the fact that we were both missing her daddy/my husband, and we were both kind of tired. We ate out more than usual, and she stayed up a little late. I also let her watch tv and eat food in the bedroom, two things that are normally against the rules. Some nights she slept in her own bed, and some nights she slept in mine. It wasn't a week to try to be a mean mommy. It was tough taking her to daycare, but I think by Wednesday she was also missing her friends quite a bit too, and that part of her was happy to go.
On Saturday we had one last day together before picking up DH late that night. The time just seemed to crawl by, as I counted the hours until the plane would arrive, but we did it.
As I posted before, I know that this will happen again. DH really needs to be open to some travel for his job, and I will have to do my part when it comes time. Fortunately we should be able to get a 2nd vehicle in a few months so airport runs will be a little easier too.

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