Sunday, January 30, 2011

I just wrote my own obituary

Sitting in bed this morning while my daughter and husband are watching television, I just wrote my own obituary. I didn't write it down but I wrote it in my head. It was a bit long before I finally just stopped myself and said "Hey... why am I doing this? And if I am going to do this, maybe I should write it down?" I don't know. I think obituaries are supposed to be written by others. They are like eulogies. People put in them what they know and remember about you, not necessarily the truth as the deceased person knows it.

I wrote about my life, where I had gone to school, relationships, and how I met my husband. I rambled about some of the dark times, and about some of the choices I made. I mentioned why I didn't have a lot of close friends. You never see that stuff in a real obituary. I am still thinking I might write it. Maybe put it in a Google Doc or even just write it in a notebook and put it away somewhere for no one to see it.

If I am writing, but not writing it down, does it count as writing? Hmm.... I guess not. Too bad. I feel like I am in a pre-writing stage some days. I am percolating ideas, but not ready to put pen and paper together, or fingers on the keyboard. Putting pen and paper together would probably be better for my body since my right arm is bothering me lately. I am putting the blame on too much computer mouse time but I don't really know. On the other hand putting fingers on keyboard means I'm less likely to lose it since I have a place to store it online.

Does anyone who reads this write? What do you prefer? Pen or keyboard?

What will you say in your obituary? What do you want the world to know?

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