Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reading and writing

Hard to believe that it's been over three weeks since I last wrote. Seems like the last few weeks have just been a blur of work, play with kid, sleep, work, parenting, sleep.... and I haven't been reading or writing. I definitely think the two are connected. When I take the time to read more then I also write more. There is something about how my brain functions that connects the two. I am in a different frame of mind when I am reading and writing than I am when I am going, going, going all the time. I have to slow down in order to read. I have to slow down in order to write and lately I haven't been doing that.

Today I was at work ordering some books for the library when I noticed that I was ordering some books by Elizabeth Bishop. There was poetry and prose. Some of it I skipped over pretty easily but some of it I was curious about so on my lunch break I went up the 11th floor where the literature (and children's literature) is. It's my favorite floor. I browsed down to Elizabeth Bishop's books and sat down on the floor, right in the aisle, and thumbed through a few. I also picked up another book by someone else (another author whose name begins with 'B'). Before I knew it 10 or 15 minutes had passed me. I picked up my pile and carried them down the stairs to check them out. I am really looking forward to reading them. I think they are mostly poetry, prose, and short stories. Things that are easy to read in small doses which is what I need these days since I don't seem to have a lot of concentration or a lot of time.

I am hoping that the reading will inspire me to write more. We'll see if it works.
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